End of Semester Parking

End of semester parking is not very different than circumstances during the school year, however there are a few variations we would like to highlight.


Do end-of-semester projects require that you park on campus beyond authorized hours?  Check here

FYI, hours of parking regulation are posted at the entrance to each parking lot.  Hours of regulation details

Moving out of your residence hall is different than moving in.  Students cannot drive or park on sidewalks or campus grounds during move-off.  Details about move-off unloading options

Do you ordinarily not have a vehicle on campus, but are bringing one at the end of the year?  Short term permits are available from Parking Services

If you have a permitted vehicle on campus, but will be switching to a different vehicle for move-off, simply switch your permit to your alternative vehicle.

Are parents, friends coming to help you move out?  Their vehicle should display a valid permit while it is parked on campus.  We offer free one-day permits for your guests during finals week.  Stop by Parking Services to pick up a permit.

Do you need access to a loading dock or service area during the end-of-semester period?  The areas are regulated for service vehicles only or valid permit.  Loading permits may be picked up from Parking Services.

Will you need a summer permit or want to switch to a different kind of permit for the summer?  Check here

Contact Parking Services here