Academic project-related late night parking


This web page provides parking information specific to students working in academic buildings, primarily late-night parking and loading/unloading.

Late-night parking

Late night parking is a special situation because commuter lots near academic buildings prohibit overnight parking from 2 AM to 7 AM and require display of a valid permit beginning at 7 AM.

Note:  This section only applies if you're working later than 2 AM.  If you will be leaving before 2 AM you may park in commuter lot 29, directly south of Applied Arts.  This lot doesn't require display of a permit from 4 PM until 2 AM.

Basic Requirements:
You are only eligible for late night parking, as described in this section, if you have a valid after-hours building pass (required to be in buildings after hours).

Commuter lots prohibit overnight (2 AM - 7 AM) parking.  This includes the three commuter lots nearest AA, Lot 29 (south of AA), Lot 34 (east of AA), and Lot 18, east of Jarvis.

Please note that Lot 34 is a commuter lot on its south end and a housing lot on its north end.  Signs in about the middle of the lot identify the separation.  Take care to ensure that (per instructions below) you only park in the housing (north-ed) section.

Where you may park overnight:
ONLY in the HOUSING part of Lot 34 located directly east of Applied Arts.  Check the parking lot entrance sign for correct lot number.  Caution:  Check the signs in the middle of Lot 34 that identify which section is Commuter and which is Housing.  You must be parked in the housing section when parked overnight.

Valid Space:
Parking is only valid in a striped, unsigned parking space and parking is on a space available basis only.  Parking is not authorized in the signed C-zone spaces near 13th Ave, yellow zones, or beyond the end of the row.  You are responsible for identifying and complying with each of these types of areas and checking with Parking Services if you're unsure.


Loading/unloading must be at the Applied Arts (or other building) loading dock and be authorized beforehand by Parking Services.  Stop by Parking Services to pick up a no-cost short-term unloading permit.  If your use will be very short, under ten minutes, you may call Parking Services, but must do so immediately after parking.