Bicycle Parking Regulations


  • Bicycles may only be parked in a bike rack.
  • If a specific bike rack is full a cyclist must find an open space in another campus bike rack.


  • Bicycles may be parked on campus while the owner is currently enrolled in classes, employed or living on campus.
  • Bicycles cannot be stored on campus when the owner is not actively engaged in any of the above mentioned activities.
  • Bicycles may not be left on campus during the summer when the owner is not present.


  • Menomonie City ordinance requires that bikes be registered.
  • Bikes may be registered (free) at the Parking & Transportation Office.
  • Registration is an effective tool for theft prevention and return of lost/stolen bicycles.
  • Registration facilitates contact of bicycle owners rather than citation/impounding.

Enforcement Action

  • Any bicycle parked/locked in an area outside designated bike racks may be issued a citation and removed.
  • Any bicycle left unused in an academic area bike rack for more than one week may be removed.
  • Any bicycle left unused in a housing area bike rack while the owner is not currently a resident of University Housing may be removed.
  • Cut locks are the responsibility of the bicycle owner.
  • Impounded bikes will be charged a weekly storage fee.
  • Unclaimed bikes will be disposed of in accordance with WI State Statutes.