AUGUST 19-31, 2018


Stoutward Bound (SWB) is a popular living and learning community for first-year American ethnic minority students sponsored by Multicultural Student Services.  This program is designed to "jump start" the college experience by providing support for a successful transition to college.

Early Start

Students come to campus two weeks before the start of the fall semester, live in CKTO (Curran, Kranzusch, Tustison, Oetting) Hall, eat their meals at Price Commons and attend classes Monday through Friday.  There will also be fun activities and group study sessions throughout the week.  Student will be required to participate in a leadership retreat during one of two weekends prior to the start of the fall semester.  There are no additional costs/fees to students to participate.

Academic Year Support

Students will meet monthly with a Stoutward Bound advisor.  The advisor will be able to link students to campus resources and offer encouragement and support.  There are monthly college success workshops to help build "college know-how."  Mentors will serve as role models to help navigate through campus life.


  • Early academic success through building confidence for college-level coursework
  • Become familiar with the campus and the community, locate resources, and learn about opportunities for involvement
  • Out-of-the classroom activities that reinforce classroom learning
  • Develop a sustainable learning community throughout the first year of college
  • Leadership development through experience
  • Provides an environment for making lifelong friends

Learning Community

All Stoutward Bound students take two common courses together that start two weeks prior to the fall semester. These classes are on the students' fall schedule and continue throughout the semester:

  • COMST 100, Fundamentals of Speech (3 Credits)
  • PSYH 110, General Psychology (3 Credits)

Living Community

All participants are required to live on campus. Students will move in early to CKTO Hall, their permanent residence for the academic year.

Leadership Weekend

When students sign up for Stoutward Bound they are also committing themselves to participate in leadership training. The first weekend during the two-week early start is reserved for leadership training.

Leadership development will give students tools, strategies and confidence as they move forward. Our goal is to empower our students for academic, personal and professional success. We believe this wholeheartedly! We have seen leadership emerge from many of our students; some of our alums have become senators in Stout Student Association (government), resident assistants (RAs) and leaders in various student organizations. For many participants, leadership training is one of the main highlights and favorite parts to Stoutward Bound. This is why we have made it part of the Stoutward Bound commitment, as we are fully invested in your potential.


Staff Support

During the academic year, intentional one-on-one attention is given to Stoutward Bound participants.

Coordinator/Advisor, Vickie Sanchez works in the Multicultural Student Service office. Her role is to support students with academic, financial, involvement and job placement guidance.

Two Peer Mentors will serve as peer leaders as they have experienced and transitioned into college life successfully. They will be a listening ear for students and assist in organizing activities, workshops, socials and community service projects.

Throughout the academic year, you will meet at least twice per semester with the Stoutward Bound Coordinator/Advisor. You will be able to participate in monthly workshops specifically for Stoutward Bound students on topics such as Scholarships, Financial Aid and Academic Advising. Participants will also have organized socials and community service projects to learn community engagement both on and off campus.

Meet the Peer Mentors

Zipporah Turnbull
Matthew Yang

How to Register

Call Vickie Sanchez, Student Services Coordinator at (715) 232-1108 to state your interest in participating in Stoutward Bound or complete the online application HERE.

We encourage you to apply early; space is limited!



Contact Information

Vickie Sanchez, Student Services Coordinator
203 Bowman Hall
Phone: 715/232-1108


Why join Stoutward Bound?

Stoutward Bound is a journey that can't be explained with just words. It's a winding road filled with self-discovery, not only finding out who you are but meeting others who are going through the same experience as you. It made my college experience at Stout memorable and much easier.

~ Jasmine Baker, 2015 Stoutward Bound Student

Stoutward Bound Community

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