MSS Lawton grant recipients:

MSS Lawton recipients are REQUIRED to complete a financial literacy component through the UW-Stout CashCourse as part of the Lawton requirements. 


CashCourse is a free, nonprofit money management website that can provide answers and resources to better help students manage money in college.  Some popular resources includes an interactive budget wizard, finding scholarships, saving money in college, student loan repayment options, costs of studying abroad, financial planning, and many more!

Visit the CashCourse website for more information!

Fall 2015 Lawton grant requirement:

There are 2 parts to the Financial Literacy component.  MSS Lawton recipients are required to complete both the "Making the Most of Employee Benefits" quiz and a "Monthly Budget" worksheet.

Email Kalvin Yang at if you have any questions.

"Making the Most of Employee Benefits" Quiz

1)  Go to


2)  First time Users:  Register for a free account using your Stout EmailCashCourse2
Returning Users:  Click "Log in" to continue


3)  Once you are logged in, click on "financial tools" on the left side.  Then under the Financial Tools page, click on "Coursework" to proceed.


4)  Click on "Making the Most of Employee Benefits"

Making the Most of Employee Benefits

5)  Complete the "Making the Most of Employee Benefits" quiz 

Making the Most of Employee Benefits


There is a pre-test and a post-test.  You MUST score an 80%, (8 out of 10), or higher on the post-test.  When you complete the quiz, your score will be emailed to your email.  Forward your score of an 80% or higher to Kalvin Yang at

"Budget Worksheet"

Download and complete the Budget Worksheet

Keep track of your spending for a month and record them onto your budget worksheet.  This worksheet will help you better understand where you're spending your money.  Once you understand where your money is going, it should help you differentiate your needs from your wants.  Ultimately, if your income is higher than your expenses, then you're in good shape!  However, if your income is lower than your expenses, then you may need to start thinking about your spending habits.  Be ready to talk about your budget worksheet at your one on one meeting.


Email your Budget Worksheet to Kalvin Yang at when you have completed it.