MSS Lawton grant recipients and Multicultural scholarship recipients:

MSS Lawton grant recipients and Multicultural scholarship recipients are REQUIRED to complete a financial literacy component through as part of the grant and scholarship requirements. 


GradReady is a personal finance website to help students manage financial decisions related to college.  GradReady will teach real-world money skills to increase fiscal confidence.  This online financial literacy tool is free to UW-Stout students and is part of the Lawton grant and Multicultural scholarship financial literacy requirement.

Visit for more information!

Fall 2016 Lawton grant requirement:

GradReady contents are divided into sections as identified by the semester which the student received the Lawton grant and/or the Multicultural scholarship.  (e.g. semester 1 instructions, semester 2 instructions, and etc.).  Students will be notified by MSS staff at the beginning of each semester which "semester instructions" they are required to complete.  Students can email Kalvin Yang at for assistance or if they forget what the requirements are.  

There are 2 parts to the Financial Literacy component. 1) MSS Lawton grant and/or Multicultural scholarship recipients are required to complete the 
contents in the assigned "semester instructions" through for each semester.  (Contents may include both quizzes and financial tools). 2) Students must also complete the monthly "Budget" tool in once every semester.  

Email Kalvin Yang at if you have any questions.

GradReady - "Semester Instructions"

Click here to go to

Please check your emails for your assigned "Semester"

"Semester 1" Instructions: HERE

"Semester 2" Instructions: HERE


You MUST score an 80%, (8 out of 10) , or better on any and all quizzes in GradReady.  Any quizzes below 80% MUST be retaken.  (The Pre-Course Questionnaire 1, 2 & 3 are the only exceptions to the 80% rule).

GradReady - "Budget Tool"

Complete the "Budget" tool in

Go to
Once you are logged in, click on "Paying for College" below PATH 1.

Next, click on the "Budget" icon to take you to the Budget Tool.


Fill in and complete your budget for the month.  Again, a MSS staff will go over this budget with you during your 1:1 meeting.
Keep track of your spending for a month and record them onto your budget tool.  This worksheet will help you better understand where you're spending your money.  Once you understand where your money is going, it should help you differentiate your needs from your wants.  Ultimately, if your income is higher than your expenses, then you're in good shape!  However, if your income is lower than your expenses, then you may need to start thinking about your spending habits.  Be ready to talk about your budget worksheet at your one on one meeting.

Email Kalvin Yang at for any questions.