Plus Loan Calculator

How to Calculate 

Use the formula below to determine the amount of PLUS you want to request.  We encourage parents to borrow for the full year, i.e., one loan with a disbursement each semester.  Be aware that the student’s bill may vary each semester based on the number of registered credits.  A PLUS for the full year will be evenly split between semesters and repayment begins after the spring term loan is disbursed.  

Tuition schedules are posted online at in August or your student can review their account online through Access Stout. 

Cost of Attendance =  
- subtract Financial Aid
( as listed on award letter)
- any other scholarships  
- any funds from other sources  
equals Balance =  


Estimated Cost-of-Attendance for 2010-11 Academic Year (fall and spring terms) for an undergraduate enrolled at 15 credits each term: 

  • WI/MN resident: $16,982
  • Non-resident: $24,722

Estimated Cost-of-Attendance for one term only (15 credits)

  • WI/MN resident: $8,491
  • Non-resident: $12,361



Includes per credit tuition based on:
  • 15 credits/semester
  • double room
  • meal plan #3
  • transportation
  • personal/miscellaneous
  • and book/supplies.

COA is used for financial aid purposes; it does not reflect the amount the student will be billed.

Financial Aid

Includes total figure listed not the award letter, any other scholarships students are expecting, and any funds received from other sources such as DVR, VA, WI GI Bill Tuition Waiver, employer, etc...


Is the maximum amount of PLUS that person may borrow.