Tuition Waivers

WI GI Bill Tuition remission

A remission of the academic tuition and segregated fees is available for those students considered an eligible veteran (entered active military duty as a Wisconsin resident) or for the qualifying children or spouse of a veteran who died in the line of duty or of a veteran with a service connected disability of 30% or more. More information and applications can be found at the Wisconsin Department of Veteran Affairs.

International Student Non-Resident Tuition Waiver

Remits all or part of non-resident portion of tuition for a limited number of full-time undergraduate and graduate international students. Visit the Office of International Education webpage for more information.

Assistantship Connected Tuition Waivers

Graduate students from states other than Wisconsin and Minnesota, who hold assistantships of one-third time or more and who are employed by UW-Stout on an assistantship, may be awarded a full waiver of the non-resident portion of tuition. Non-resident tuition waivers are limited to the difference between resident and non-resident tuition.


Graduate Assistantships

Eligibility for a graduate assistantship requires admission to a graduate degree program (dual level and non-degree seeking students are not eligible), and also requires that the student carry a minimum load of at least six graduate credits each semester of the assistantship. Students awarded an assistantship can begin employment only after they have received, signed and returned a copy of their letter of employment from the Human Resources office. Applications for assistantships can ONLY be submitted on line.

Reciprocity for Minnesota Residents

Reciprocity allows Minnesota students to be charged the Minnesota resident tuition rate. All undergraduate and graduate Minnesota residents, regardless of the number of credits, may apply. Neither the Minnesota Office of Higher Education (MOHE) nor the university will be financially liable for students under the reciprocity agreement who have not received prior approval and certification by the MOHE. Continuing students will be renewed annually. This form takes approximately six weeks to process; early submission is recommended.

The application for a new year's reciprocity agreement is available after March 1st at the Minnesota Office of Higher Education's online reciprocity application.

Military and Veteran Benefits

The Veteran Financial Information webpage describes the types of aid available to veterans, their spouses, their children, and current members of the military. 

Vocational Rehabilitation


Students with handicaps or disabilities may apply for financial aid to assist in paying college costs. Students must contact a Vocational Rehabilitation office in their home area. Information on location of offices may be obtained from high schools, colleges, or county social services agencies. Applicants must also complete UW-Stout financial statements.


Trainee-ships may be available for qualified graduate students in the Vocational Rehabilitation program. A trainee-ship provides a stipend and portion of the student's tuition for a maximum period of one year. Priority is given to minorities, handicapped or persons with one year or more evaluation or adjustment experience.