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If your FAFSA application is selected by the U.S. Department of Education to be verified, UW-Stout is required to confirm your tax information and will send you a Verification Worksheet in the mail. You can also see if you are selected for verification in your To-Do List in AccessStout.  You and/or your parent can use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool in your FAFSA by selecting Link to IRS to automatically transfer your tax information to UW-Stout. If you are not eligible to use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool, you must request your IRS Tax Return Transcript from the IRS and mail it to our office. If you or your parent are not required to file a U.S. or Puerto Rican Income Tax Return, you must report any income earned for the calendar year on the Verification Worksheet and submit a copy of your W-2s to our office.


These three scenarios are described in more detail below:


IRS Data Retrieval Tool
Using the IRS Data Retrieval Tool is the simplest way to transfer your tax information to UW-Stout. To use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool, follow the directions below. Also, this 2-minute video goes through those directions on navigating the screens in your FAFSA.

        1. Go to and click "Make a correction".
        2. Log in with your FSA ID.
        3. Make sure you are on the tab for the correct year.
        4. Click on the "Financial Information" tab. Look on the left edge of the screen to see if you are on the Parent or the Student section. If you need to submit tax information for both you and your parents, make sure you go through steps 5-8 below for both the Parent and Student sections.
        5. Make sure "Already Completed" is selected in the drop-down box. Click Link to the IRS button.
        6. You are informed that you are leaving your FAFSA.  Click "OK" to continue.
        7. Enter your information onto the website (It must be entered exactly how you entered it on your tax return).
        8. Your tax information is displayed.  Click the "Transfer Now" button.  You'll automatically return to your FAFSA.
        9. Click on the "Sign & Submit" tab, and Submit your FAFSA.

Do not forget to also complete your Verification Worksheet and submit it to our Financial Aid Office at the address below. You'll notice there are reasons why you may not be eligible to use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool (i.e. married filing separately, filed an amended tax return, applied for a filing extension, tax return was recently filed). If you are NOT able to do the IRS Data Retrieval Tool, the FAFSA will not give you the option to Link to IRS, and you must follow the directions below about requesting an IRS Tax Return Transcript.


IRS Tax Return Transcript
You can request your IRS Tax Return Transcript online or by calling 1-800-908-9946. It takes up to two weeks after you e-file for your IRS income information to be available, and up to eight weeks after you mail in a paper return.  You can choose whether your Tax Return Transcript will be displayed to you online or mailed to you at the address on your tax return.  

        1. Click on Get Transcript ONLINE. If at any point, you cannot validate your identity (for example, you cannot provide financial information or you lack access to a mobile phone), you may use the Get Transcript by MAIL option.
        2. Enter the tax filer's Social Security Number, email address, filing status, account numbers for loan or credit card associated with your name, and mobile phone associated with your name. Click Continue.
        3. Select Tax Return Transcript (not Tax Account Transcript) and in the Tax Year field, select 2015.  However, if you have filed an amended tax return, you must ALSO request a Tax Account Transcript in addition to the Tax Return Transcript.
        4. If successfully validated, you will be able to view your IRS Tax Return Transcript online. Write the student's name and ID on it, then submit it to UW-Stout along with your completed Verification Worksheet.
        5. If you need to go back and Get Transcript by MAIL instead, you will need the address you used on your tax return. If you are having trouble with the address section, the IRS may have "standardized" your address when they processed your tax return. To find your "standardized" address, go to and click on Look Up a Zip Code. Enter your address and click Find.

Not required to file a Federal tax return
If you and/or your parents are not required to file a Federal tax return, you need to indicate this by checking the appropriate box on the Verification Worksheet. You also need to list any employers and income you earned during the calendar year. If you received income, you must also attach a copy of your W-2 from each employer. If your To-Do List in AccessStout lists a Non-filing Verification, then you must submit a Verification of Non-filing Letterto our office.

Verification Worksheet 2016-17: Dependent Students

Verification Worksheet 2016-17: Independent Students

Verification Worksheet 2017-18: Dependent Students

Verification Worksheet 2017-18: Independent Students

(if you're unsure which worksheet you need, your To-Do List in AccessStout will tell you)

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