WinTerM Financial Aid Application

To apply for WinTerM financial aid:

  • you must have completed a FAFSA for this academic year
  • be currently enrolled at least half-time for this fall semester
  • submit this WinTerM Financial Aid Application after you register for WinTerM

Read before submitting your application:

  • Your eligibility for WinTerM financial aid depends on the amount of aid you are using during fall and spring; you may not have remaining aid eligibility for WinTerM or you may only be offered loans.
  • You will be notified of your aid eligibility via your UW-Stout email.
  • If you change your credit load after submitting this application, you must contact our office at
  • If you graduate in December, you are not eligible.
  • If you are dismissed after fall semester, you are not eligible.
  • If you drop your WinTerM classes or if they are canceled, your WinTerM financial aid may also be canceled.
  • As always, you must maintain satisfactory academic progress standards to receive aid. 

(you must be registered for WinTerM before completing this form)

(amount awarded will not exceed your WinTerM tuition charges)

If you will receive outside resources during WinTerM, please indicate this above (ex: vet benefit, employer reimbursement, scholarship, DVR payment, etc).

(you must also complete a Study Abroad Notification form and submit it to the Financial Aid Office; a link to the form is provided after you click "Submit" below)