Students who anticipate experiencing barriers in the campus environment are urged to contact the Disability Services Office as soon as possible to insure equal access.  Late requests may result in a delay of equal access.

  • Upon notification of acceptance from Admissions Office:

  1. Contact the Disability Services Office at 715-232-2995 to set up an appointment.

  2. Mail, fax or bring in the most current documentation of your disability.

  3. The student and the Disability Services staff member will discuss barriers present in the academic environment to identify reasonable accommodations and insure equal access for the student here at the University of Wisconsin-Stout.

  4. Upon verification of disability, an Educational Support Plan outlining the means for equal access and any other appropriate services will be established and reviewed with the student.

  • Disability Services will maintain a student file containing interactions with the student and all documentation.

  • Disability Services will ensure that disability-related documents are kept confidential and shared with University personnel on a limited and need-to-know basis only.

  • Consultation with faculty, staff and / or outside professionals regarding essential elements and equal access will occur in situations that are new, complex or sensitive.

  • Disability Services will outline the process for the provision of equal access. Standard procedures are established by Disability Services for auxiliary aids and services (e.g., notetakers, exam modifications, alternative textbooks, academic assistance).

  • Disability Services will provide individual letters for the student whose means of equal access include the use of classroom and / or exam modifications.  The student is responsible to distribute the letters to their instructors. It may be helpful to meet with you instructors to discuss specific means of equal access.

  • Instructors will be expected to assist with the provision of equal access. Instructors are not expected to compromise essential elements of the course or evaluation standards.

  • Students with disabilities will be responsible for contacting Disability Services if equal access are not achieved in an effective or timely manner.  Disability Services will work with the student and University personnel to resolve disagreements regarding equal access.

  • Students with disabilities who believe they have been discriminated against on the basis of their disability may file a grievance with the Dean of Students or the ADA Chair.

Dean of Students office
130 Bowman Hall

ADA Chairperson
Zenon Smolarek

129 General Services

Contact Information

Disability Services

206 Bowman Hall

Mon-Fri 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Phone: 715-232-2995

Fax: 715-232-2996