Possible Sanctions


After the student conduct meeting, the student will be notified in writing (usually transmitted electronically) of the findings of the investigation. If it is determined that no misconduct occurred, the matter will be considered resolved and no further action will be taken. If the student is found responsible for misconduct, the decision letter will specify the recommended sanction.

Sanctions are intended to address the inappropriate behavior in a constructive, developmental, and educational manner balancing the needs of the university and the student. Sanctions hold students accountable for behavior which violate university policies. Criteria for assigning sanctions are determined by several factors: the severity of the misconduct, the nature of the incident, and the student's prior conduct record.

The following 10 sanctions are permitted under UWS Chapter 17

(a)  A written reprimand.
(b)  Denial of specified university privileges.
(c)  Payment of restitution.
(d)  Educational or service sanctions, including community service.
(e)  Disciplinary probation.
(f)   Imposition of reasonable terms and conditions on continued student status.
(g)  Removal from a course in progress.
(h)  Enrollment restrictions on a course or program.
(i)   Suspension.
(j)   Expulsion.

For alcohol related incidents, parental notification may accompany sanctions listed above.


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