Faculty and Staff - FAQ

What should I do if I suspect a student is responsible for academic misconduct?

Instructors should request a meeting with the suspected student to inform the student of the suspicion of academic misconduct along with supporting evidence and allow the student to present their case. Upon conclusion of this meeting, the instructor shall deem if the student is responsible for academic misconduct or if no academic misconduct occurred. Instructors have a wide array of options in dealing with academic misconduct to use at their discretion (see Academic Discipline - Procedures). If the student does not respond to a request for a meeting, the instructor shall proceed with the information they have in concluding if academic misconduct occurred under UWS 14.06. Sample letters to students and the Dean of Students Office are also available in the Academic Discipline Procedures in Microsoft Word format.

How do I handle classroom disruptions?

The primary responsibility for classroom management lies with the instructor but there may be occasions where a referral to the Dean of Students Office may be necessary. UW-Madison has a great resource for handling classroom disruptions [PDF]

What should I do if I am being harassed by a student?

If an instructor views a student’s behavior as harassing, they may call the Dean of Students Office to discuss potential actions that may be taken. If the situation is immediately serious and/or life threatening, please call UW-Stout police or the Menomonie Police Department for assistance.

What kind of student issues can I refer to the Dean of Students?

The Dean of Students Office handles academic and nonacademic misconduct issues, student emergencies, student support, issues of student concern, concerns of parents, and any extenuating circumstances affecting students’ physical or emotional well being. If you have a concern regarding a student please feel free to contact the Dean of Students Office.