Report Card Lost or Stolen

Reporting Lost Cards

For your security it is important that you report a lost BlueCard immediately. To report your lost card, log into

  • Sign in using your campus credentials
  • Select “Card Services”
  • Follow instructions to deactivate card

This will prevent unauthorized usage of the card for on-campus purchases.

A replacement BlueCard can be picked up at the Campus Card Office. The cost of the replacement card can be paid with cash, check, any major credit card, or on-campus funds (Baseline Plus or Flexline). Payment must be received before a replacement card will be issued.

Temporary Cards

Temporary cards are issued to students and faculty/staff for short-term usage. The Temporary Card is invalid after the indicated expiration date and can no longer be used. Only in extenuating circumstances can the expiration date be extended. Temporary cards can be used to access your on-campus debit accounts (Baseline, Baseline Plus, Flexline). They are NOT to be used as a means of identification.

5-Day Temp Card

These temporary cards are available when cardholders have accidentally left their University of Wisconsin-Stout BlueCard at home. Temporary cards can be used for 5 days only, the time it takes to have the card from home mailed to the cardholder. There is a charge for this service.