Activate Your Card

Activating Your Stout OneCard

You got your card, but how do you activate it?  We have the answer!

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your 16-digit card number into the designated field
  3. Click 'Activate'

You should see this:


Follow These Steps To Complete Activation

Authenticate your Stout OneCard

This is done for security purposes to verify that the correct person has possession of the card.  Enter the requested information and press “Next” to continue

NOTE: When asked who is activating the card, select the cardholder alone rather than cardholder and parent.   The activation process is more complicated when parent option are included.  Parents can go to and click onto “Sign up to Send Money” after the student’s card is activated.

WEB Login Information

The information entered during this step should be written down or memorized for easier access to this website in the future.  To make it easier to remember, we suggest using the UW Stout email address and the same password.  You will need this website in the future to:

  • View the status of any financial refund.
  • View your refund history
  • Report a lost card.
  • Change your refund preference at any time.
  • Update your contact information.
  • View your OneAccount Statement

Refund Preference Choice

This step determines how refunds will be received from the University.  University refunds include Financial Aid, Scholarships, Grants, tuition credit if classes are dropped, along with other department refunds including parking and on-campus debit account closures.  

Choose either the Easy Refund or look at all 3 choices before deciding which option is best for you.

If Easy Refund is chosen, the next step will be to set up the MasterCard OneAccount. 

Cardholders who choose another refund preference will have the option of opening the MasterCard OneAccount.  Refer to the “Life’s easier with the Stout OneCard” brochure for more information on the OneAccount.

OneAccount Setup

The OneAccount setup involves confirming personal information, selecting a PIN (Personal Identification Number) for use at ATM machines and setting up features to be used with the One Account.

The One Account can be funded using an existing bank account by entering the account as a Funding Bank. This option can be setup during activation or at a later date by selecting the “Add Money Later” option.

Other OneAccount features are Checks/Online Bill pay, Campus Autoload to fund your on-campus accounts, Direct Deposit of Payroll and requesting money from family and friends.  All of these features can be setup during activation or at a later date.

Notification Setup

This step allows the cardholder to choose which email notifications they wish to receive.

Confirming Email Address

The Stout OneCard activation is not complete until the email confirmation is done.  This is required to verify the email address is valid and entered correctly.  A confirmation code is emailed to the cardholder along with instructions on how to complete the confirmation.