Building Card Access

General Overview

The University of Wisconsin-Stout has partnered with Innovative Systems, Inc. to provide card access to buildings and rooms on campus. Card access to buildings will be implemented to accommodate after hours entrance into buildings as well as limiting access to high secure rooms, such as computer labs. The software has been divided into divisions based on Building Supervisors’ designated areas of responsibility. Each division has a mini-operator that has the ability to create, enter, modify, and delete card access requests.

Request Form

The request for building card access form can be downloaded online. Instructions for completing the form are attached to the form.

(NOTE: To request a key, instructions can be found on the Physical Plant website)

Requesting New Card Access Installations

All requests for new installations of card access readers should be directed to:

Academic Buildings:  Chris Zimmerman,  General Services Building,  232-5401
Auxiliary Buildings:  Grady Richartz,  Merle Price Commons, 232-2117

Card Access Problems/Questions

All questions concerning card access activity should be directed to the Card Access Administrator, Merle Price Commons, Room 110.