How to Register

  1. Find out when you can register/enroll.
    • Your Registration Appointment is the time and date after which you can register for classes.  You don’t need to make an appointment for that time.  You should log on to Access Stout and enroll in your courses as soon as possible after your Registration Appointment time.
    • Your Registration Appointment is assigned based on your credit status (Freshmen, Sophomore, etc.).
    • InstructionsVideo.
  2. Run and print your Academic Requirements Report
    • Also known as a Degree Audit and/or Academic Advisement Report.
    • Your Academic Requirements Report is a summary of how you’re meeting the requirements of your major and UW-Stout’s General Education requirements.  It’s an incredibly important document you’ll refer to many times over the course of your college career.
    • InstructionsVideo.
  3. Find the classes you need to take for your major
    • Print a copy of your program plan and, if provided, a 4 year plan (or 8 semester sequence, flow chart), found on your Major’s webpage under the heading “Program Plans and Curriculum”
    • List of majors
  4. The single most important step is to meet with your Advisor prior to registration/enrollment. 


Closed Classes

  • There are several reasons you may not be able to enroll in a class.
  • Prerequisites not met (see below)
  • Closed class – the class is full
  • The section is reserved. 
    • Any section with a number that begins with a 9__ (e.g. SPCOM 100 sec. 930) is reserved for Distance Education students only.  On campus student cannot enroll in those courses.
    • Some sections are reserved for other reasons.  Check the Add’l Notes section for each course.


  • Many classes have prerequisites - courses you need to complete before enrolling in that class.  For example:
    • ENGL 102 requires a C- or better in ENGL 101.  If you receive a D or below in ENGL 101, you will not be allowed to enroll in ENGL 102, but will need to retake ENGL 101.
    • PHYS 241 requires completion of MATH 153 or MATH 156.

Credit load

  • In order to be considered full time, a student must be enrolled in at least 12 credits.
    • Enrolling in less than 12 credits could negatively affect financial aid, insurance status, and NCAA eligibility.
  • Maximum credit load for an undergraduate student is 20 credits
    • Students can sign up for only 18 credits.  Once the term begins you can sign up for the additional credits.
  • General Rule: Our programs are at least 120 credits.  In order to graduate in 4 years, you’ll need to enroll in an average of 15-16 credits per semester.
  • Full policy.


  • Schedule Planner –

    Introducing a new way to plan your schedule! No more searching  for classes one by one, throw away the pencil and paper; instead create  your ideal class schedule with a few clicks of a button with the new UW-Stout  schedule planner.

    You're now able to plug in breaks for when you have an athletic practice, job  or when you would like to schedule a study break. The schedule planner  will generate all possible schedules for you!

    The  "Schedule Planner" link available in your AccessStout, Student Center will take you to the tool you need.  Be sure pop-ups from AccessStout  are allowed on your computer. For more help make sure to watch the video or view the Step by Step guide.


  • Gen Ed Courselist – Use this to find any General Education coursework you may need to enroll in.
    • Pay close to attention to the guidelines, e.g. Your Humanities classes have to be from two different Humanities subsections
    • Remember to consult your Program Plan
  • Time Grid – Use this time grid to sketch your schedule before trying to enroll in courses.  This helps with time conflicts and prevents unnecessary problems.
  • Math Sequence – Need to progress to MATH 153 but don’t know how?  Use this chart showing the progression of Math courses for each major.