Transfer Transition Steps

Step 1) Set password and activate your UW-Stout email

  • Go to to set your email password. You will need your student ID number. Contact the Admissions Office, 715-232-1232, if you cannot remember your ID number.
  • After successfully setting your password, you will be directed to activate your Stout e-mail account (Office 365 server).
  • Your email username and password are used for all UW-Stout login functions.

Step 2) Check your UW-Stout email for your Transfer Credit Report

  • Beginning in February you will receive an email in your UW-Stout email account with notification that your Transfer Credit Report (TCR) has been completed. Information on how to interpret your Transfer Credit Report can be found HERE.

Step 3) Take the WI Placement Tests in English and Mathematics (if needed)

  • The email you received in Step 2 regarding the completion of your Transfer Credit Report (TCR) states whether or not you need to take the English/Math Placement Tests.
  • All students are required to either take the University of Wisconsin English and Math Placement Tests or have college credit in English and Math.
  • Students who have already taken the Wisconsin Placement Tests do not need to take them again. If you have transfer credits in any of the following English courses, you do not need to take the English Placement Tests: ENGL 090; 101; 111; 112.
  • If you have college credit in math, it may not be adequate preparation for the major you are entering; your advisor will advise you on what math class to enroll in. 
  • Placement Testing Options:

Step 4) Advising

  • Once your TCR has been completed, you will be receiving an email (within a few days) with advising and enrollment information from your program director or academic advisor from the Advisement Center. Advisors are assigned based on declared major and credits (see below).
Transfer Student- Declared Major
15+ transfer credits
Program Director
Transfer Student- Declared Major14 or fewer transfer credits
Academic Advisor
Transfer Student-Undeclared
Any transfer credits
Academic Advisor
Your Academic Advisement Report (AAR) is an online tool that summarizes your progress in meeting program graduation requirements.  Find instructions for viewing this report here.  Choose the Step-by-Step Guides tab, and under Program Requirements and Degree you'll find Navigate and Print your Academic Advisement Report (Degree Audit). 

If you are an undeclared transfer student or haven't yet declared a concentration it will be a limited report. 

Step 5) Enroll in classes (online)

Step 6) Review websites

  • Review the following websites for information about:

Step 7) Orientation

  • Watch your email in August for information regarding fall orientation.