Registration and Orientation FAQs

Can I change my answers on the Registration Survey?

Yes. Contact the Advisement Center at 715-232-1465 during business hours.

Is Registration and Orientation mandatory?

Yes. At Registration and Orientation, you will prepare yourself for a successful fall semester and successful college career. Missing the Registration and Orientation will prevent you from signing up for classes, obtaining your photo ID, and other important activities.

Do I need to attend the whole orientation?

Yes. The Orientation/Registration is designed to proceed in a step-wise manner. If you cannot attend the entire day, please consider changing the day of your Orientation/Registration to a date when you are able to attend the full session.

Why do I have to take placement tests?

Placement tests assist students and advisors in knowing a student's skill and ability at the college level in English and Math. These tests will permit you to register in the appropriate course level.

I took AP/IP/PSOE courses in high school.  Will they count?

 The Transfer Coordinator in the Admissions Office (Linda Young,, 212 Millennium Hall) determines which credits will successfully transfer. Contact her with any inquiries.

When do I sign up for classes for fall semester?

 Registration (signing up for courses) occurs on Orientation/Registration day.

When do I get my registration information (as a new freshman or transfer)?

Registration materials are mailed in early March for new fall semester students. Students who are admitted after the time of these initial mailings should receive these materials within 10 days of their acceptance.

When do I get my laptop?

Students in the eStout program will receive their laptops at the start of the fall semester.

When do I get my ID?

You will have your ID photo taken at Orientation/Registration. Your ID card will be mailed to your home address approximately two weeks later.