WiSys & Intellectual Property

What is WiSys Technology Foundation, Inc?

The mission of the WiSys Technology Foundation, Inc. is to support research and educational programs of the UW campuses (except Madison which is supported by the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF).) The foundation also works with local businesses and economic development groups to bring UW System technologies into the surrounding communities.

For additional information about WiSys you may contact our Regional WiSys Ambassador, Kristen Ruka; Email: KRuka@wisys.org at WiSys.

UW-Stout is also pleased to have two student ambassadors who are available for presentations or to answer your questions. They are Daniel Weispfenning, weispfenningd0413@my.uwstout.edu, and Tabitha Payne, paynet0993@my.uwstout.edu


What is Intellectual Property and how should it be protected?

The U.S. government and governments worldwide offer several different types of protection for what is known as "intellectual property" -- the fruit of the ideas of inventors, authors, artists, plant breeders and others. Depending on the nature of the property, protection may take the form of a patent, copyright, trademark, or one of several forms of plant variety protection.

In most cases, WiSys protects intellectual property with patents, plant variety registration and copyrights, because much of the intellectual property brought to WiSys by UW System inventors is best protected in these ways. Intellectual property also includes trademarks, trade secrets, biological materials and know-how. For more information, see Types of Intellectual Property Protection.