Student research is instrumental in reinforcing educational concepts, instilling an attitude of lifelong learning, and for many students, research is essential to building a successful career. UW-Stout offers student grants that support various aspects of student research, including dissemination and travel.

Please contact Angie Oaks, Graduate Assistant, Student Research Grants, Events & Marketing, 152 VOCR, 715.232.1625


Who Is Eligible For Grants?

All students are encouraged to apply with the support of their faculty research advisor. Grants are competitive, which means funding is not automatically awarded upon application.

What Grants Are Available?

UW-Stout offers student funding in three areas: Student Research, Student Research Dissemination and Just-In-Time Funding. The number of grants awarded per category depends upon available funding.

  • RESEARCH -  Students are eligible to apply for up to $2,000 to fund supplies, services, small items of equipment and travel that are required to complete their research project.
  • DISSEMINATION - A maximum of $1,000 is available for students looking to disseminate their completed research. These funds support travel and publication costs associated with research dissemination.
  • JUST-IN-TIME - For students whose projects fall outside the normal grant cycle, the Student Just-In-Time grants are available.

 When Are Grant Deadlines?

This year deadlines were extended for both the Student Research Grant and Student Dissemination Grant. Proposal for the Student Research Grants and Dissemination Grant are due October 9, 2015

Just-In-Time grants are due six weeks prior to research start date or dissemination event.

 How Do Students Apply?

All submissions should follow formatting guidelines, which are:

  • Font: Cambria, 12 pt.
  • 5 Page Maximum
  • Single Space
  • 1" Margins

Paper copy submissions should include these additional documents:

Electronic submissions should follow the proposal guidelines. Below is an explanation of what students should include when writing a proposal for each grant type.

  • Student Research Grant proposal includes: abstract, purpose of research, research question, methodology, project evaluation (timeline), dissemination, budget summary table, budget detail table and references.
  • Student Dissemination Grant proposal includes: summary of research (student role in research), mode of dissemination (correct dates required), purpose/need for dissemination, dissemination objectives (where student plans to disseminate research), budget, budget justification, and acceptance letter from the conference or other place where the student plans to disseminate research). EXAMPLE DISSEMINATION GRANT PROPOSAL. *Example published with the student's permission.
  • Just-In-Time (JIT) Grant proposal includes: identifying whether you are applying for a JIT Research or JIT Dissemination grant. Once determined, followed the proposal guidelines stated above. Example: if you are applying for a JIT Research grant because your project falls outside the deadline established by the Student Research Grant, then you would identify in your proposal that you are applying for the JIT Research Grant, and then provide the abstract, purpose of research, research question, methodology, project evaluation, dissemination, budget summary table, budget detail table and references.
Submit a proposal in an electronic and paper copy format. Electronic submissions are sent to graduate student Angie Oaks. Students should place their hard copy submission in a file folder and deliver that file folder to Research Services, 152 VOCR. Research Services must retain hard copies of original signed documents, which is why hard copies are required. Scanned and emailed documents are also acceptable if students are unable to drop off documents.