Procedure for conducting research involving human subjects

Step One:  Complete the Required Training 
All faculty, staff, graduate and undergraduate students must complete UW-Stout’s web-based Human Subjects Training, before submitting the Protection of Human Subjects in Research Form to the Institutional Review Board (IRB) for review. Research advisors must complete the training prior to signing the form for students.

Important notes:

  • You will need your UW-Stout ID number at the end of this training.
  • Students and advisors must submit a copy of the completed Certificate with their protocol form.

Step Two:  Submit the Form
Complete the Protection of Human Subjects in Research Form and save or print. 

  • Handwritten forms will not be accepted
  • If your circumstances create difficulty for submission, contact Research Services to make arrangements. 
  • Send or take the completed form (electronic submissions are preferred), with required signatures and required materials attached, to: or
Research Services, 152 Voc. Rehab. Bldg. 
University of Wisconsin-Stout
Menomonie, WI 54751
  • Keep a copy of what you submit for your records. Research Services will review the form for completeness when it is received.

Step Three:  Review
An Institutional Review Board (IRB) member will review your form and determine whether a full board review or an expedited review is most appropriate. Typically, expedited review will be completed within ten working days. If a full board review is required, it will be placed on the agenda for the next monthly IRB meeting.

Step Four:  Completion of Review
Upon completion of the review, the investigator(s) will be notified of the outcome electronically. The student’s research advisor (who signed the Protection of Human Subjects in Research Form) will also be notified of the review outcome.

Step Five:  Upon notification of approval from the IRB, research can begin.

Contact Information

Research Services
152 Vocational Rehabilitation Building
Phone: 715.232.1126

Staff Members