Human Subjects

Human Subject Regulations Decision Charts:  Is It Research?

Introduction to IRB (DOC)

New Human Subjects Online Training

Please use the new training for all research conducted after 1/20/2014 

Human Subjects Research

Human Subjects Training*

  • You will need your UW-Stout ID # when completing the Certificate at the end of this training
  • Student(s) and advisor(s) must submit a copy of the completed Certificate with their protocol

      • Attach the Certificate to the Protection of Human Subjects in Research Form

      • Submit to: (preferred) or bring to: Research Services, 152 Voc. Rehab.

Human Subjects Research Resources

*You must have completed the UW-Stout Human Subjects Training after January 20, 2014

IRB Forms

Human Subject Forms

Sample Consent Forms

*Electronic signatures are acceptable.

Form Submission

Submit forms to:


Mai Vang, IRB Secretary, 715-232-2691; Elizabeth Buchanan, IRB Leadership Director, 715-232-5184;
Sue Foxwell, Human Subjects Administrator, 715-232-2477

IRB Members

Nels Paulson, Chair
Elizabeth Buchanan, Vice Chair
Elizabeth Barone
Sally Bosshart

David DeLambo
Sally Dresdow
Amy Gillett

Polly Hashmi
Gary Johnson, Community Member
Anne Kerber
Paul Lokken
Ann Parsons
Jessica Polzer
Amy Zimmerman

Elizabeth Houser, Graduate Student
Adrienne Sulma, Undergraduate Student
Sue Foxwell, Human Subjects Administrator
Mai Vang, IRB Secretary