Definition of Research - Human Development and Family Studies

Faculty participate in applied and theoretical research and scholarship through activities which lead to the application or utilization of knowledge and invention, and to creative activities which produce new works of literature, music, and the fine arts.
The department of HDFS views the following activities as falling within the domain of "scholarship" when the content is related to the field of expertise for which the applicant is hired.  In addition to the amount of scholarship evidenced, the quality is usually determined by its type of review.  For example, a refereed work is generally considered of better quality than non-refereed work, and work presented/published/funded at the national/international level is often more difficult to achieve than at the state and local levels.  It is not usual that a probationary faculty member engages every activity listed below by the time s/he applies for tenure, but scholarship is expected in each of the two areas.

Area 1:

  • Plan, execute and publish original research and/or scholarly papers.
  • Present peer reviewed or invited scholarly papers/workshops/exhibits at international, national, regional or state professional meetings.
  • Author or co-author scholarly journal articles, books, chapters, technical reports and/ or bulletins that are published by reputable companies.
  • Edit scholarly books or journals.
  • Author/coauthor and submit grants; receive grants.

Area 2:

  • Author/direct/produce software, training videos, or similar works for state, national, or international distribution.
  • Serve as a  peer reviewer for grant or article submissions, books.
  • Advise student research projects, including Plans A's and B's. 

(Submitted: September 2007; Reviewed: October 2014)