Definition of Research - Department of Construction

The OCM Department values five types of research and therefore encourages participation in such diverse scholarly activities for the purpose of providing guidance in making promotion and tenure-based decisions.  It is recognized that these definitions are not discrete, since some overlap may exist across the types of research listed.  In addition, the definitions are not to be considered to be exhaustive of all possible types of significant research which can be conducted by members of the OCM Department.

Applied Research- includes activities that relate knowledge in academic disciplines to real problems.  Applications may include:

  • The development of case studies and teaching notes based on research performed in organizations.
  • Hands-on research, planning, analysis, design or implementation to problems of businesses, governments, agencies, non-profits or other appropriate entities.  This may take the form of consulting, advising, practicing in an area of expertise or other applicable manner.
  • Planning, developing, implementing, or operating solutions to problems through use of existing discipline-based knowledge, proven methodologies, best practices, or innovative approaches.
  • Making information and/or ideas accessible to the public or private sector.

Research of Teaching and Learning includes activities that are directly related to improving pedagogical practices.  This type of scholarship is oriented to discovery, evaluation, and communication of information about the teaching and learning process.

Discovery Research includes all activities that extend knowledge through the discovery or collection of new information.  The scholarship of discovery includes, but is not limited to, what is typically called basic or pure research.

Integrative Research includes activities that are primarily interdisciplinary and interpretive, seeking better understanding of existing knowledge through integration across disciplines and original synthesis to bring new meanings and insights.

Artistic Endeavor includes activities related to the creative process, particularly in architecture, engineering or construction.

The OCM Department encourages the dissemination of the above research-based information and activities:

  • To scholarly audiences, professional audiences,
  • To private business, non-profits, governments,
  • to students, faculty, or other applicable audiences

Such dissemination may include journal articles, conference proceedings, operational analysis, reports, financial plans, strategic plans, process designs, organization designs, technology designs, implementation plans, role-playing, exhibitions, oral presentations, or the application of innovations either on or off campus.  The Operations, Construction and Management Department acknowledges that in many cases, the applied research will be highly confidential and cannot be communicated beyond the stakeholders for whom it was created.  Despite the lack of public dissemination, however, such activities shall be considered valuable from a research standpoint.

Note: The below verbiage would most likely need to be added to the department's by-laws in order for the above definitions to be applied:

Use of Definitions

  1. The Operations, Constructions and Management Department shall use these definitions for clarification of departmental expectations regarding research and shall incorporate these definitions where appropriate in department bylaws.  Such inclusion shall be made by the time the bylaws are submitted for review.
  2. The Operations, Constructions and Management Department shall use the definitions for making departmental promotion and tenure decisions.