UW-Stout Curricular Incubation Center

As of 9/24/13, this program has been suspended by the Provost. Further announcements are forthcoming.

The purpose of the Curricular Incubation Center (CIC) grant program is to provide resources for curricular development and revisions to meet university-wide priorities.

The current UW-Stout priorities are:

Proposal Format (not to exceed one page plus budget):

  • Name(s) and Contact Information: Identify each person involved in the CIC project (collaborative projects are encouraged and identify one person as lead and percentage of effort for each)
  • Application Cycle: As of 9/24/2013 this program has been suspended by the Provost.
  • Project Title:  Identify the title of the project beginning with CIC:_______ (e.g., CIC: Developing New Certificate Program Entitled "Project Management for Industry")
  • Background: Describe the need for the project (identify market needs and connection to above priorities or UW-Stout's Academic Plan)
  • Intended Outcomes: Describe the final curriculum product and the intended objectives (e.g., new course, new program)
  • Specific Activities:  List the specific tasks and timelines needed to achieve the final product
  • $1,500 as a general guideline for new program development (e.g., certificate program plan with course sequence, program description, and program objectives)
  • $300 per credit for a course revision
  • $400 per credit for a new course proposal
  • Projects developed by a team will not exceed the total amount described above (i.e., individuals will share the total amount). Example: Professor A and Professor B submit a proposal to develop a new certificate program. They plan to contribute equally to the proposal. Each will receive equal stipends upon completion of the project. 
  • Budget request includes salary and fringe (38.7%)
  • Proposals must be submitted separately for each certificate program course or program

Final Report: 

  • Work must be completed by the project end date (see Proposal Format #2 above). Extensions are not permitted
  • By the end of the project period the project director sends the curriculum product (i.e., "Final Report") to Research Services (rssubmissions@uwstout.edu)
  • The subject line of the submission email must read:  CIC Final Report, "Grant Title" (use the original grant title);
  • It is expected that the curriculum developed for this grant will be submitted to the department/school level curriculum committee concurrently with submission to Research Services
  • Research Services is responsible for sending all submitted Final Reports to the Associate Vice Chancellor.


  • After the Final Report is submitted, the Associate Vice Chancellor makes a recommendation to the Provost, who gives the final approval;
  • Payment is then authorized for the completed work.

Further information, questions or assistance:

Prior Projects Funded

Proposal Submissions

Submit proposals to: rssubmissions@uwstout.edu