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The ARC specializes in providing research assistance in the following areas:

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Benchmarking Surveys

Institutions can participate in established surveys and obtain data on their own results, as well as how their results compare with other institutions that have participated in the surveys. The UW-Stout ARC will also help institutions utilize the results at their institutions. These surveys were developed at UW-Stout and are available to ARC clients.

The ARC is currently offering these benchmarking surveys:

Available ARC services for Benchmarking Surveys:

  •     Administering web-based benchmarking surveys, providing client with 
        data file and report
  •     Optional formal narrative report with graphics
  •     Benchmarking data on how participating institutions' results compare 
        to other colleges/universities that have participated in the survey
  •     Follow-up workshops to implement findings from surveys
  •     Follow-up focus groups to further investigate survey findings

Evaluation Services

The ARC can help your institution develop the evaluation section for your grant proposal and can serve as either an internal or external grant evaluator.

Data Sharing (PolyDASHER)

The ARC created and hosts a data-sharing consortium for Polytechnic institutions (PolyDASHER) which is offered free of charge.

Greenhouse Gas Inventories

The ARC can assist your institution in developing and maintaining your Greenhouse Gas Inventory.

Custom Applied Research Services

Other services customized to the needs of your institution are available upon request, including focus groups.

ARC Continues to Grow

 The ARC has experienced tremendous growth since our inception in 2007. Then, there were no dedicated ARC staff members and in FY13-14, we employed 6 professional staff, 6 graduate students and 3 undergraduate students.

A chart showing growth in the number of projects and revenue over the past 7 years is shown below. 


Revenue & # Projects Graph_2014

Revenue & # Projects Graph_2014

What Clients are Saying

"Working with UW-Stout's ARC is amazing. ARC has been there for us at every stage of our NSF-funded research, from grant proposal development to analysis of our data. ARC demonstrates a superior level of professionalism and vast knowledge of the research process from beginning to end, resulting in an excellent overall experience. The staff is accessible, respectful, flexible, and highly equipped with various research methodologies. Willing to offer strategic advice and guidance, ARC staff provides another level of expertise for one's research. I would never engage in a future project without the support of ARC!" ~ Elizabeth Buchanan, Director of Center for Applied Ethics, UW-Stout


"The ARC team completed an evaluation plan for a Department of Labor grant I recently wrote. The ARC was personable, responsive, and helpful, and the final evaluation plan was expertly written. I enjoyed working with the ARC on this project." ~ Whittney Fram, Grant Writer, Fox Consulting