Online Training Modules

This series of modules provides you with the tools to conduct applied research for decision-making. The modules address all phases of research and evaluation - including research and evaluation design, data collection, data analysis, and reporting. They include both information from experts in the field, as well as practical information that can be directly applied to organizations. Each module includes:

  • Best Practices identified by experts in the field;
  • Step-by-step instructions, including tasks needed to complete the project, and how much time to allow for each task;
  • Templates for project planning, data collection, analysis and reporting;
  • Additional resource materials;
  • Sample reports and other materials;
  • Videos (as appropriate); and
  • Quizzes to test your knowledge.
Each module is completed entirely online. Individuals who participate in these modules will have the skills to identify appropriate methods to answer their questions, conduct focus groups and surveys, analyze both qualitative and quantitative results, and report out on the findings.


Focus Groups

This module provides information needed to take a focus group project from start to finish - including information about how to decide if a focus group is the best way to gather the information, planning for a focus group, conducting focus groups, and analyzing focus group data. 

Qualitative Analysis

This module provides more in-depth coverage of the process of analyzing focus group data. Also included is information about the different types of qualitative analysis that are possible, analyzing and coding qualitative data, utilizing qualitative analysis software, and reporting out on qualitative data.

Also in development are modules on surveys, quantitative analysis, and report-writing for a variety of audiences, including executives.

For further information

Please contact the ARC and we will provide you with information when the modules are available.