The Registration and Records Office will be closed on Monday, August 25, 2014, from 8:00am-1:00pm.  We will resume normal business hours at 1:00pm.

Fall 2014 Information

Semester Classes


Online Add Date

Online Drop Date

Semester Classes



Adds after seven days or drops after fourteen days can only be processed via Program Card returned to the Registrations and Records Office

Quarter Classes


Online Add Date

Online Drop Date

1st Quarter Classes



2nd Quarter Classes



Adds after the session begins or drops seven days after the course begins require a Program Card returned to the Registrations and Records Office to process 

Non Standard Classes

Courses may be added or dropped online up until the day before the class starts. 
Students will need to use a Program Card after course start date for adds or drops to be processed at the Registrations and Records Office.

**In order to add courses online they must be open, pre-requisites satisfied, and instructor consent not required. 


After the beginning of the term, students cannot drop their credit load down to zero. Students must contact Registrations and Records, 109 Bowman Hall, (715) 232-2121, or to withdraw officially from the university. 
You may drop all of your courses before the first day of classes this Fall term; however, if you wish to drop all Fall courses after the term begins on September 3rd 2014 you will need to withdraw from the university.

Late Drop Fee

effective summer 2012 students will be charged a fee of 15 dollars for dropping any class after the "Drop - Retain Record" deadline date. Follow this step by step guide to locate deadlines for dropping courses online. 

Note: Students who drop after the 100% refund period may have tuition refunded per Student Business Services guidelines 

More information about add/drop dates, fees, waitlisting, and WU / W grades is also available.