PSC - Study Tools

Useful Resources

  • Purdue University Online Writing Lab (OWL) - OWL is a great reference to have when you're toiling over that research paper.  It has an extensive guide on proper APA format, and even provides exercises for teaching APA and MLA.
  • American Psychological Association - The official web site for the APA.  It contains many helpful resources, including a section full of information on different career paths in Psychology.
  • 3-D Brain Anatomy - This interesting web site allows you to explore a colored 3-D rendering of a human brain.  It tells you the function of certain areas and allows you to navigate freely to view the brain from many different angles.


  • Neuroscience Hangman - Think you have an impressive vocabulary in Neuroscience?  Put your skills to the test in this simple game.  You may learn something.
  • Neural Crossword Puzzle - Test your Neurology knowledge with a crossword puzzle.
  • Body Works:  Brain Quiz - This quiz from Discovery Health will test your knowledge of the different parts of the brain.