ROTC helps you develop the leadership and managerial skills you need for success in the Army or any other profession you choose.

As a freshman and sophomore in the ROTC program, you will learn the value of teamwork and the strength of concentrated group effort on mission accomplishment. You will learn the value of honesty, integrity and ethics, and strengthen your personal character by participation in orienteering, rappelling, paintball, and other hands-on activities.

You will be given many leadership challenges your junior and senior years. You will teach classes, lead physical fitness sessions, undertake special projects and run training exercises. As a senior, you form the staff that runs the cadet program. At the conclusion of each leadership opportunity, you are mentored and critiqued by professional military officers and non-commissioned officers.

Throughout the program, you will participate in a variety of social events and extracurricular activities, such as the annual military ball and field training exercises at Fort McCoy. Opportunities also exist for summer internships at Army posts around the world, as well as participation in special military training, such as airborne school.

Army ROTC Course Requirements (18 credits)

Course Title
Typically Offered
MSL-101Foundations of Officership
MSL-102Basic Leadership
MSL-201Individual Leadership Studies
MSL-202Leadership and Teamwork
MSL-301Adaptive Team Leadership
MSL-302Leadership Under Fire
MSL-350Leader Development and
Assessment Course Field Experience
(Credit for Business Administration Only)
MSL-401Developing Adaptive Leaders
MSL-402Leadership in a Complex World