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UW-Stout's online Professional Science Masters (PSM) degree in Conservation Biology combines flexible coursework and a diverse research focus to address the human impact on threatened and endangered species, habitats and ecosystems around the world. Our nationally recognized faculty will train you to evaluate and understand conservation practices in ecology, biodiversity, fisheries, watershed management, native species and habitats, global climate change, environmental laws and regulations and natural resource management.

Our graduates work as professionals in conservation biology, environmental science, cellular and molecular biology, aquatic and marine science for public and private businesses, government agencies and nonprofit organizations. The unique 18-month distance-learning program prepares you to:

  • Articulate the causes and consequences of anthropogenic disturbances on biodiversity
  • Research and critically interpret scientific literature to formulate hypotheses
  • Develop scientific foundational knowledge of current issues and problems
  • Apply contemporary analytical and experimental design techniques
  • Analyze and predict responses of biological communities to past and future disturbances
  • Assess the potential of conservation strategies to help protect biodiversity
  • Organize and work with diverse stakeholders to address environmental concerns

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