Master of Science Hospitality Strategy — Bold. Innovative. Forward Thinking.


Eric T. Brey, Ph.D.
Graduate Program Director
School of Hospitality Leadership


Our M.S. in Hospitality Strategy is a transformative personal and professional experience: the starting point for pursuing your personal achievement and professional development goals. Through a contemporary focus on combining your operational experiences with advanced management principles and effectively leveraging business information and consumer intelligence, you gain the strategic insights needed to effectively lead customer-focused hospitality organizations. 

Our program combines a  dynamic learning environment with a rigorous curriculum that challenges and inspires innovative thought, exposing you to contemporary insights and crucial strategies instrumental to moving your career forward.  Our 10-course program, which can be completed in as little as 16 months, focuses your education on four areas of hospitality business: 

  • Strategic Thinking:  fundamentals of organizational leadership supplemented by concepts at the forefront of strategic thought
  • Customer Intelligence: interpreting consumer-centric information to align organizational goals with operational strategies to turn data into usable information 
  • Value Optimization: building profitability and financial performance through an unwavering attention to the driving force behind organizational success 
  • Service Innovation: relates the importance of leveraging available data and information to provide quality service experience that meet ever changing marketplace demands

If you would like to learn more about how a Master’s Degree in Hospitality Strategy can transform your career and prepare you for the challenges of tomorrow, please complete and submit the form the to the right. Once submitted, you will receive access to the program brochure outlining how we can help transform your operational experience into consumer-focused leadership. In addition, you will receive an invitation to interactive information sessions where we answer your questions and delve into what it means to earn a Master's in Hospitality Strategy.