M.S. Degree in Family Studies and Human Development

Notice to Prospective Students

This program is no longer accepting enrollment. Currently enrolled students will continue to use this website.

UW-Stout is currently not accepting
new applications for the online program.

Through in-depth study of the cultural, ethical and economical influences on the individual and family you will analyze trends and work to improve family relations. Within the umbrella of a family, many factors such as divorce, aging and minority status, including: race, disability and sexual preference affect the successful function of a family. With an interest in the development of the individual across the lifespan and an emphasis on family system processes and relationships, UW-Stout's Masters program in Family Studies and Human Development provides education through focused coursework, field study and personal research. You'll develop the necessary tools to impact and change families For more information download the program brochure.

Objectives of the program:

  1. Provide career preparation by challenging and assisting students in developing innovation leadership skills in Family Studies and Human Development related careers.

  2. Increase the graduate student's capacity for independent action in scholarly and professional pursuits.

  3. Develop an in-depth knowledge built on undergraduate work and experience.

  4. Motivate students to survey family studies and human development related literature and apply this knowledge to practical, theoretical and academic problems.

  5. Provide students with skills in conducting independent and creative research.