Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to take the GRE or any other entrance exam?


Are summer, night and weekend classes available?

Yes, some. All the core courses are offered during a two week block in July. Elective courses can be taken throughout the year, including summers. In addition, weekend and evening classes are also available depending on your interests.

Do I have to do a thesis?

The program requires you to choose either a two credit topic paper (Plan B) or six credit thesis (Plan A) research option.

Are classes small enough?

Yes, usually less than 20.

Are faculty accessible?

Yes, we pride ourselves in being able provide close faculty contact with our students. In addition, faculty regularly stay in contact with students via e-mail.

Is there an application deadline?

Yes. Go to the Graduate School Web site for more information on application deadlines.

What do I need to apply?

Do I have to take all my classes on the UW-Stout campus?

You will need to be on campus to complete some of the program requirements. A minimum of two weeks for three consecutive summers must be spent on campus. Stout does offer an increasing number of distance education classes that can be taken off campus. The university also offers summer courses that meet during different periods of time, enabling students to build a schedule with good flexibility.

Can I take classes near my home?

Many classes are available off campus or by distance education. Contact:

Office of Continuing Education
140 Vocational Rehabilitation Building
Menomonie, Wisconsin 54751-0790

Phone: 715/232-2693

How many credits do I need to complete the programs?

The MSFSHD program requires 30 total credits.

I've already taken course work at another university, can I transfer my credits into the program?

At the master's level, ten credits may be transferred into the program provided they are from an institution granting graduate degrees, they are graduate credits, and they meet the approval of the program director.

How do I choose a research topic and research advisor?

The answer to this question is not easy or straightforward. A student's experience and interest, faculty interests and resources and departmental needs may influence the appropriateness of a topic for your research paper. Conversations with the program director and program faculty about your interests will help identify an appropriate topic. Research topics and methods will be presented in your second summer of the program.

What is a Graduate Assistantship and how would I apply?

Graduate assistantships are offered by an academic department. The actual tasks vary; sample tasks include assisting faculty with large classes or laboratory management. Some assistantships provide health benefits in addition to a salary. Application forms are available at the Graduate School website. Completed application forms are forwarded to the program director. Speaking directly with the program director about your interest in a graduate assistantship is recommended.

What is the procedure to transfer classes?

First check with the program director to be sure the courses will apply to the program. Then, request the university where you earned the credits to send two official transcripts to the UW-Stout Graduate School. Complete the Request to Transfer Credit [PDF] form and send it to the program director. The courses will be transferred when you complete the Application for Degree Candidacy which is submitted as you near completion of your degree.

How can I check my current status in the program?

If you have applied for admission to the program and are checking on status, call the Graduate School at 715/232-2211.

If you are a student already admitted to the program, you can check on your status by requesting a transcript from the UW-Stout Registration and Records by writing that office at:

Registration and Records Office
109 Bowman Hall, UW-Stout
Menomonie, WI 54751

Your signature is required to obtain transcripts.