Academic Minors at UW-Stout

Definition – academic minor at UW-StoutUndergraduate   |   Graduate

For some minors, students may enroll as either undergraduate [U] or graduate [G] level. Undergraduate students are ineligible for graduate-level [G] minors. Teaching minors, indicated below with an asterisk (*), are state-approved programs for teacher certification for teaching at the secondary and/or elementary level.

Applied Foreign Language [U]

Applied Peace Studies [U]

Art [renamed Studio Art]

Art History

Biology [U]

Biomedical Instrumentation [U]

Business Administration [U]

Chemistry [U]

Coaching [U]

Cognitive Neuroscience [U]

Communication Studies [U] ]

Computer Networking Systems and Design [U]

Computer Science [U]

Construction Safety/Risk Control [U]

Disability Services [U]

Economics [U]

Economics Teaching *  [U]

English Writing and Literature  [U]

Enterprise Technology [U]

Food Technology [U]

Geographic Information Systems [U] 

Global Perspectives on Engineering [U]

Health and Wellness [U]

Health and Wellness Education *  [U]

History [U]

History Teaching *  [U]

Human Development and Family Studies [U]

Human Physiology  [U]

Human Resource Management [U]

Journalism [U]

Lodging Management [U]

Materials Science  [U]

Mathematics [U]

Mathematics Teaching *   [U]

Mechanical and Electrical Construction [U]

Military Leadership  [U]

Performing Arts [U]

Philosophy [U]

Photography and Video [U]

Physics [U]

Plant Science [U]

Project Management [U]

Property Management [U]

Psychology [U]

Quality Engineering  [U, G]

Quality Management [U, G]

Retailing [U]

Sociology [U, G]

Spanish [U]

Speech Communication [renamed Communication Studies]

Studio Art  [U]

Supply Chain Management [U]

Sustainability   [U]

Tourism  [U]

Web Technology [U]

Women and Gender Studies [U]

Workplace Diversity [U]

Declaring a Minor

To declare a minor, complete the "Applying for a Minor" survey online, and you will be given further instructions. Once this has been processed you will receive an e-mail confirmation from the Advisement Center.

Discontinued Minors

Minors listed below are no longer accepting enrollment. The sites are offered here for advisement of students who are finishing up their studies.