Internship Experiences

Interns will generally be scheduled for experience at six or more facilities: one clinical, one public health, one outpatient clinic, one school food service, one hospital food service, and one agency on aging. Supervised practice sites will be assigned based on the intern’s prior experiences and site availability. Geographic preferences are taken into consideration when possible. The average length of time spent at each supervised practice site is shown below; this listing does not represent the order of site assignment.

  • Public Health -- 8 weeks
  • School Food Service -- 4 weeks
  • Hospital Food Service -- 2 weeks
  • Inpatient Clinical -- 14 weeks
    (Hospital and Long-term Care)
  • Outpatient Clinical -- 4 weeks
  • Choice Week – 1 week

The Choice Week is the intern’s opportunity to choose either (1) to spend an extra week at one of the scheduled rotations to strengthen skills, or (2) to select a pre-approved site to participate in another practice experience or to gain knowledge about nontraditional options for Registered Dietitians. 

Interns also attend professional conferences related to nutrition and dietetics. They will receive a rotation schedule at least 30 days prior to starting the internship. They also will be consulted regarding any personal circumstances that might affect the final schedule in order to minimize schedule modifications during a supervised practice experience.