UW-Stout's programs prepare students for productive careers in business, industry, technology, education, human development, and art and design. At "Wisconsin's Polytechnic University," students, faculty and staff use applied learning, scientific theory and research to solve real-world problems, grow the state’s economy and serve society.

UW-Stout's approach to education emphasizes these tenets:

  • Career Focus: offers a comprehensive curriculum that prepares graduates for professional careers.

  • Applied Learning: blends theory with practice to produce innovative solutions to real world problems.

  • Collaboration: works closely with business, industry and other educational institutions to benefit students and grow the economy. 

Included in each undergraduate program are General Education, Racial and Ethnic Studies and Global Perspective requirements. The courses in these categories provide the core of what it means to be a well educated university graduate. The goal is to promote human excellence through a broad foundation of skills and knowledge required to realize a meaningful personal, professional, and civic life.

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