1. It's an adventure that will mark your undergraduate experience. You'll encounter people, books, ideas and technologies you might otherwise miss. Recently, Honors College students have pondered and debated Freud and Gilligan, Montaigne and Shakespeare, NASA shuttle technology and politics, and the responsibilities of an educated citizen. 

  2. You'll form relationships with students and professors that are based on your shared learning experiences. These relationships will help you discover how you might connect learning and life, and they will provide a sense of community during and after your years at UW-Stout.

  3. You'll acquire a unique and distinguished undergraduate education. Honors College students are prepared for careers in one of UW-Stout's highly regarded undergraduate programs; in the Honors Program they hone the skills essential for learning, leadership and service.

  4. You'll love it. UW-Stout's Honors College is not like most high school honors classes. It is not simply more or harder work — it is an entirely different approach to learning. Discussion and debate don't end at the classroom door. You'll find yourself continuing to explore issues in your residence hall, the dining hall and on the streets of Menomonie.

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