UW-Stout's challenging courses led me to a deeper understanding of the needs of the adult learner. The research curriculum and thesis allowed me the opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness and validity of the curriculum I was teaching in my classes.

The on-campus summer program was particularly convenient to teachers like me who work full time.

    Brian Goodman, M.S., Ed.S.

Stout's graduate program is essential for people who work in the real world. The professors know how to help working students balance their lives and still receive an exceptional education. Thanks to their efforts i was able to accomplish my goals in just two years.

    Kevin Hulke, Ed.S.

Ed.S. coursework helped taught me how to evaluate and answer my own questions regarding human resources development in the workplace. My studies also helped me learn to identify and articulate issues, understand how people perceive problems, and how to legally communicate effectively with employees about workplace issues. Completion of a research project provided a practical experience to analyze, evaluate, and respond to human thoughts, trends, and perceptions. Working with UW-Stout graduate faculty provided experiences for me to grow in my current position as well as be qualified for new positions.

    Bonni Falkner, Ed.S.


The Ed.S. CTE program supports learner specialization in areas of interest in which the learner may be working currently or plans to pursue professionally. My experience enabled me to partner with UW-Stout faculty, as well as faculty of other universities and subject matter experts, to investigate universal design for learning in the Wisconsin Technical College System. I highly recommend the program for its content, rigor and the outstanding support provided by UW-Stout faculty. If you are looking for a quality academic program that values teaching, learning, research and collaborative working relationships to further your educational expertise, you will find it in the Ed.S. CTE program.

    Nancy Chapko,  Ed.S
CTE Certifications