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CTE Coordinator Certification (DPI)

Career and Technical Education (CTE) Coordinator (formerly LVEC Coordinator, School-to-Work Coordinator, and Education for Employment Coordinator) certification may occur in one of three ways:

  1. Meet the CTE Coordinator Content guidelines by taking eight courses in the program plan [PDF]. By taking the eight courses, individuals will meet the Administrator and CTE-Coordinator certification requirements (DPI licensure).

  2. Meet the CTE Coordinator content guidelines by submitting a portfolio based on experience. By having a variety of experiences, a teacher or administrator could apply for endorsement by submitting a competency profile to UW-Stout. The Competency Portfolio document would be used to assess artifacts submitted for review by appropriate professionals at UW-Stout. Individuals submitting a portfolio must enroll in CTE-780 and CTE-784 Internship  or CTE-798 Field Experience, depending on experience. Deficiencies noted will result in taking a prescribed course at UW-Stout.

  3. Meet the CTE Coordinator content guidelines by enrolling in the MS in Career and Technical Education program and complete the CTE Competency Portfolio, pre- (Benchmark II Portfolio Assessment Rubric [PDF]) and post- (Benchmark III Portfolio Assessment Rubric [PDF]) internship/program completion.

For more information about the CTE Coordinator certification, including eligibility and the application process, please visit the School of Education website.

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