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Students in the program may also incorporate WTCS teaching certification into their degree plan. WTCS Certification is needed for educational faculty employed by one of the 16 Wisconsin Technical Colleges. WTCS establishes the minimum academic, occupational and teaching requirements for district education personnel as an effort to insure quality education.

CTE Coordinator Certification (DPI)

This Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction approved concentration provides the background typically needed to work with administration on the secondary level. Career and Technical Education (CTE) Coordinator (formerly LVEC Coordinator, School-to-Work Coordinator, and Education for Employment Coordinator) certification may occur in one of three ways:

  1. Meet the CTE Coordinator Content guidelines by taking eight courses in the program plan [PDF]. By taking the eight courses and completing benchmark assessments, individuals will meet the CTE Coordinator certification requirements (DPI licensure).

  2. Meet the CTE Coordinator content guidelines by submitting a portfolio based on experience. By having a variety of experiences, a teacher or administrator could apply for endorsement by submitting a competency profile to UW-Stout. The Competency Portfolio document would be used to assess artifacts submitted for review by appropriate professionals at UW-Stout. Individuals submitting a portfolio must enroll in CTE-784 Internship or CTE-7978 Field Experience, depending on experience. Deficiencies noted will result in taking a prescribed course at UW-Stout.

  3. Meet the CTE Coordinator content guidelines by enrolling in the MS in Career and Technical Education program and complete the CTE Competency Portfolio, pre- (Benchmark II Portfolio Assessment Rubric [PDF]) and post- (Benchmark III Portfolio Assessment Rubric [PDF]) internship/program.

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For more information about the CTE Coordinator certification, including eligibility and the application process, please visit the School of Education website.

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