Student Involvement

Stout Council on Family Relations

The Stout Council on Family Relations is a student affiliate of the National Council on Family Relations, providing leadership, volunteer, and networking opportunities for HDFS majors. Check out the link above to see what HDFS majors Erika Werner and Betsy Hundt have to say about their experiences with this student organization.

Students in Dr. Susan Wolfgram’s HDFS 456, Abuse and the Family, course are actively involved in domestic violence awareness projects each semester.

Bridge to Hope fundraiser

Bridge to Hope: Arielle Christianson, Kate Marks, Brittany Vrieze, Samantha Johnson and Jane Peasley.

Dunn County Jail Fall 2012

Dunn County Jail: Ethan Young, Jenna Bednark, Wynonna Isham, Karissa Tanner and Jen Olander.

Dunn County Jail  Fall 2012

Dunn County Jail: John Sholund, Ashley Doering, Shelby Hagedorn, Meagan Krause, Megan Carr and Emily Newberger.

Transition Center

Transitions Center in Eau Claire for ex-offenders: (Back row) Kathleen Kjenslee (front row - kneeling) Sydney Hartman, Ethan Henry, Kelsey Wunderlich, Molly Crabb and McKenzie Roach.

New Richmond HS

New Richmond High School: Panhia Xiong, Kim Sampson, Emma Granquist, Kelli Schindler, Whitney Odland and Royce Libby.

River Falls HS

River Falls High School: Jessica Nelson, Lindsey Meteraud and Teresa Swoboda.

hdfs marketing group
The Human Development and Family Studies Marketing Group at the 2012 Career Valley in Eau Claire, Wis.: (l-r) John Sholund, Jeanne Maurer, Laura Hanson, Kelli Kistner, and Trisha Libansky. The group is comprised of enthusiastic students who work with the program director to promote the HDFS program at campus and off-campus settings. These students spoke with middle-school and high school students about the educational and career options available through HDFS.