It's about the business of golf.

The Golf Enterprise Management (GEM) program is UW-Stout's response to golf industry encouragement to address their management needs. You'll receive a comprehensive education with courses in business, customer service, food and beverage and retail management, in addition to golf-specific content in customer development and retention, golf course design and turf management.

While most golf management programs stress player aptitude, UW-Stout's Golf Enterprise Management degree has no player aptitude requirement. The program is focused on developing business management skills related to golf. The program is not about playing the game of golf, but rather about the business of golf.

The National Golf Course Owners Association Board of Directors voted unanimously to endorse the development of this program -- the only endorsement of its kind ever conferred by the NGCOA. The NGCOA considered UW-Stout a perfect match for the program because of our hospitality programs, excellent customer service offerings, emphasis on applied learning and our distance learning capabilities.

The golf industry has seen many changes, but none will ultimately be as important to long-term success as the transition to golf as a business focused on the need for professionals with business acumen, and specifically a keen understanding of financials, marketing, economics and sales. At the same time, the tradition of golf must be maintained, with a strong focus on player development, agronomy and customer service at the forefront.

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UW-Stout is proud to be the first university in Wisconsin to be certified for excellence in distance education practices.

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