Co-op and Field Experience

Every student in the major must obtain 320 hours of food-related experience. The learning experience should be sought through a job that fits within your concentration. Field experiences that have been done in the past include quality assurance work, food styling, assistant cook, grocery store distribution assistant, cooking school prep assistant, HACCP plan coordinator, food product development assistant and assistant restaurant manager, at companies such as Byerly's Cooking School, Minn.; The Creamery Restaurant, Wis.; Whistling Straits Golf Course, Wis.; Perkins Restaurant, Wis.; Leinenkugels Brewery, Wis.; Allied Processors, Wis.; Jerome's Turkey Store, Wis.; and Herby's Bullfrog Fish Farm, Wis. The student should have junior standing and have completed the following courses:

  • FN-124 (Foods) or FN-240 (Food Science)
  • FN-202 (Nutrition for Healthy Living) or FN-212 (Nutrition)
  • BIO-306 (General Microbiology)
  • BUMKG-330 (Principles of Marketing)
  • CHEM-115 (General Chemistry) or CHEM-135 (College Chemistry I)
  • FN-342 (Advanced Foods)

Students must fill out a Food and Nutrition field experience form (pick up in room 202 HE or download PDF below) and have the field experience approved by the program director prior to beginning the field experience. Once approved, students should sign up for the first credit of field experience, FN-497E, while working at the experience site and register for the second credit of field experience, FN-497C, the semester immediately following the working experience. Students should expect the written report to be due within the first month of the semester for the second credit of field experience (FN-497C), while the oral report will be scheduled for sometime during that same semester.

Objectives and Instructions for Work Experience [PDF]

Application for Field Experience for BS in Food Systems and Technology [PDF]

For co-ops, students should refer to the Career Services website for details, however the student is still responsible for a written and oral report as outlined under section V (responsibilities of the field experience student) of the field experience packet.

For further information, contact the Food Systems and Technology program director.