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Six program graduates tell you about UW-Stout and the Family and Consumer Sciences program (from left to right: Sarah Halverson, Susan Turgeson, Ryan Radke, Arlene Welcher, Jill Hansen and Matt Boberg). Windows Media Player required.

  • What was your experience at Stout like?
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  • What are the instructors like (relationship)?
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  • What makes Family and Consumer Sciences important?
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  • What should I look for in a college?
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What was your experience at Stout like?

Sarah Halverson » Black River Falls, Wis.  School District:  My experiences at Stout were amazing. I loved all the hands on classes that I had; wonderful instructors who always wanted to get you involved in various different things: judging star events here at Stout, being involved with the QFP classes (quantity food production),  sewing labs, housing classes -- I loved the hands on part of my schooling at Stout.

Susan Turgeson » Menomonie, Wis. School District:
My experience here at Stout was extremely memorable. I had wonderful instructors who got us involved in classrooms with teachers very early on in our experience here at Stout. We were able to do our observations in the schools and be involved with students at competitions and being able to evaluate and do judging, so it was very hands on. We had a really good idea of what it meant to be in the classroom as a family in the Consumer Science teacher right from the get go.

Ryan Radke » Bryon, Minn. School District:  Some things I liked about UW-Stout: I was involved with the UW-Stout Association of Family and Consumer Sciences, which is our professional organization. Doing volunteer work through that -- just some of the on-site stuff -– intramurals, activities, fieldhouse facilities to work out, just the entire campus – library, just all the services that Stout offers.

What are the instructors like (relationship)?

Susan Turgeson » Menomonie, Wis. School District: My relationship with my professors is still near and dear to my heart -- some of my greatest mentors were my classroom instructors.  And one of the first teachers that I had in my first semester is now a very close friend and and someone I work with on a regular basis and still collaborate with them in family and consumer sciences.  All of my instructors encouraged me to push myself and get very involved in professional organizations and I still credit them for everything I have accomplished to this point.

Ryan Radke » Bryon, Minn. School District:  Anytime a student of mine asks if they would like to go to UW-Stout, I let them know I had a great experience. The teachers actually cared about what you wanted to do with your life and for the most part they are very small classes  -- especially when you get into the major -- after you get your general eds out of your way. They care about you and were willing to make sure you succeeded, were just very personable.

Arlene Welcher » McFarland High School, Wis.:  The professors here are just amazing. They are so open, so welcoming. They give you that extra opportunity outside the classroom. That's one of the really great things here at Stout -- the professors are wonderful.

What makes Family and Consumer Sciences important?

Jill Hansen » Sun Prairie, Wis.  School District:  What makes family and consumer sciences important? What doesn't make it important? Anything from your basic family life to foods, to budgeting, to money management.  

Ryan Radke » Bryon, Minn. School District:  Job interviews, owning a house, buying a house, cars, car insurance, cooking, cleaning --- everything you are going to do in your real life we teach in our classes. So it's really hands on life skills and they are very important.

Sarah Halverson » Black River Falls, Wis.  School District:  You have to have a license to drive a car, and all these different certifications to different things, but you have to have no license, no training to have a family and relationship. All of the things we teach are so important to society -- whether it's raising a family or feeding that family, managing your budget, doing your laundry providing for family -- all the things that go along with the family and consumer sciences area are so important.

Matt Boberg » Sparta, Wis.:  You're teaching students life-long skills that they can use in the real world.  

Arlene Welcher » McFarland High School, Wis.:  This is the coolest profession in the world because you get to do the things you love, and everything we do and everything we teach goes way beyond our classroom doors.

What should I look for in a college?

Ryan Radke » Bryon, Minn. School District:  I always tell the high school students that once you start looking for school, you've got to find the school that fits you. Do you want a large campus, small campus?  Do you want large class sizes or small class sizes? What is the student/teacher ratio?  Do you get your books for free, which is a benefit of the UW System. Just what type of atmosphere you want to go to? I chose UW-Stout because the class sizes, smaller campus, beautiful area, great benefits and resources the school has to offer, and it's a very hands on school – you're not sitting in lecture halls of 300 students to one teacher. You're in class sizes of 22 and you have that hands on teacher right there to talk to, and I just loved my experience at UW-Stout.

Susan Turgeson » Menomonie, Wis. School District:  I'm able to recommend Stout because it is known around the world, globally as an institution that can prepare students in a variety of areas for family and consumer sciences, so if they are interested in teaching and getting a family and consumer science degree, or if they wanted to get involved in hospitality and tourism, food systems and technology, there are many connections here at Stout that relates to family and consumer sciences. The classes are smaller, the professors take interest in their students and one of the great benefits is the rental resources -- you don't have to buy your books when you come to Stout. As a parent of a freshman in college I really have come to appreciate that as well. It is an institution that is recognized and respected around the world.

Arlene Welcher » McFarland High School, Wis.:   A lot of times students really want that "big campus, UW-Madison's got it all."  I tell them my experience at Stout is way more personal. It is definitely something they need to check out. Come to this campus, it's a beautiful campus and lots of new construction going on which is exciting. One of the new dorms I got a chance to get into one of the new dorms -- excellent and beautiful facility -- I could even live in the dorms (which I didn't do) as returning student –  but now I would actually consider doing that because it would be so cool. I definitely recommend and encourage students to check it out. Excellent program. I think we call this one of the best kept secrets -- the education department here at Stout (laughs). So it's great!