Advisement FAQ


Dr. Karen Zimmerman
Phone: 715-232-1405

Dr. Dianne Klemme

Phone: 715-232-2546

Can I take classes while I student teach?

No. Student teaching provides a full academic load for the student teacher.

What minors would be good for me to take with my degree?

Any of the teaching minors offered would be a good match with your degree.

Can I take program courses at any time?

The following program courses are offered only once a year. Please check the guide sheet for recommended sequence, and plan ahead carefully.

  • Offered Fall Semester
    • HT-380 Consumer Economics
    • FCSE-320 Vocational Programs in FCSE
  • Offered in Spring Semester
    • FCSE-301 FCSE Curriculum
    • FCSE-360 FCSE Evaluation