Program Overview

Technology affects many aspects of our daily lives, and the majority of us take it for granted. However, the quality of life we enjoy is a direct result of efficient and highly developed technical goods, services and products. There is an ever-increasing demand for talented individuals in this high-growth field. Are you one of them?

As a student in the Engineering Technology program, you'll learn to apply engineering and scientific concepts to manufacturing-related industries. A broad technical core stresses applied laboratory experiences. Your theoretical education is based in the practical experiences of your professors, all of whom have industrial experience in their specialized fields. The strong professional studies area provides you with the foundations you need for a future management career track.

The Engineering Technology program began at UW-Stout in the late 1950s. Through the years, the program has kept current with the needs of industry by way of strong external advisory groups, as well as graduate and employer surveys. In 2001 the program name was changed from Industrial Technology to Engineering Technology to better identify the skills held by graduates.

Preparing For UW-Stout

Because the Engineering Technology program requires college calculus, we encourage you to take as many math courses in high school as possible. Students with lesser math background may have to take preparatory classes to reach the calculus competency level. Additional courses in English, science and communications are also highly recommended. If you have a particular concentration in mind, then technical courses in that area would be valuable before attending UW-Stout.

Starting Out

Course work for the major is a balance of:
  • General education (common to all degree programs)
  • Major studies (similar to other technical programs)
  • Concentrations (unique to the area of focus within the program)

Each portion of the program provides you with sufficient general educational breadth and technical depth to become a successful professional in this field.
The first four semesters involve course work in the general and major studies areas. During your first semester, the Introduction to Engineering Technology course provides an overview of the concentrations, program activities and typical employment expectations. At the end of this course, you will be asked to select a concentration and will then be assigned a faculty adviser familiar with your concentration.

As You Progress

Industry trends show an increasing demand for graduates who are not only technically competent, but who can also function well in corporate and team environments. Interpersonal relations, communication skills, diversity issues and supervisory concepts are stressed and, when possible, integrated with the technical content. During your last four semesters, the emphasis will shift to more professional studies and concentration courses.

A co-op or field experience is strongly recommended, but not required. Usually students will fit this in during the summer or a summer/fall experience (preferred). A number of student organizations provide you with additional professional and technical experience and the opportunity to develop your leadership skills and industrial contacts.

UW-Stout's reputation with industry has been built on the outstanding performance of previous graduates, who not only creatively solve problems analytically, but who are also skilled in the materials, processes, systems, and technologies of design, development and production. This program will continue to provide industry with highly qualified technical professionals.

Entry Positions

Program graduates are in demand by industry, and have received some of the highest starting salaries of all UW-Stout graduates.

Program concentrations tend to provide a focus or primary area for future employment. However, industry is so diverse, yet technically interrelated, that it is common for graduates to use their area of specialty in a wide range of job titles, in order to develop products and services. Entry-level positions involve technical activities, usually in a team environment, and perhaps with limited supervisory functions. The general and professional studies, along with work experience and continuing education, will provide you with the basis for future growth in the areas of technical responsibility and/or management options.

UW-Stout's 2015–16 employment summary reports that 97 of program graduates were employed or continuing their education. Starting salaries averaged $55,000.

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 Accredited ABET Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission

UW-Stout's Engineering Technology program is accredited by the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission of ABET

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