Plant Science Innovations Concentration

The Plant Science Innovations concentration will prepare students for graduate school or careers in a number of high demand areas in both the private and public sector or for a more entrepreneurial career in the plant sciences. Students will gain knowledge, skills and abilities through training and research across a broad spectrum of plant science.  

All students will leave the program with a strong foundation in plant biology with numerous opportunities for applied experiences integrated into the core curriculum, such as a hydroponic production experiment interwoven between the chemistry and botany courses. Students can explore innovative strategies for crop production, such as systems for food production in urban environments, the use of plants as tools for bioremediation and other techniques. 

Students can choose to develop their expertise in plant science lab and field research experiences, including plant disease diagnostics and plant crop improvement through molecular genetics, or students may choose to pursue an emphasis in business and management, depending on their career goals.

Plant Science Innovations