Advisement FAQ

Where do I get my degree audit/program evaluation report?

It is available online at Access Stout.

When do I register?

Register for courses on the date assigned as indicated in the information sheet or in the Course Timetable, or via AccessStout. Each student is designated a registration time depending upon credit accumulation.

How can I see if classes are filled?

Use AccessStout. Select the "Search for Classes" function.

What do I do to prepare for registration?

  1. Get an updated copy of your degree audit/program evaluation report from AccessStout.

  2. Review the Course Timetable for the next semester online.

  3. Schedule an appointment with your adviser (prior to your registration date).

  4. Create a class schedule for the next semester.

  5. Meet with your adviser. Bring with you:
    » An updated degree audit report and any questions you have about it.
    » Your personal 4-year plan
    » Proposed schedule for next semester

How do I register?

You may register online or in person.

Online [Full directions may be found in the Course Timetable]

  1. Go to AccessStout.

  2. You'll need your e-mail username and password -- if you've forgotten it, select "What's My User Name?" from further down on the menu.

  3. Use the "Search for Classes" function and make your selections.

  4. Submit and Print a copy of your schedule.

In Person

  1. Complete the Program Card by writing in your final choices for classes, giving special attention to synonym number, course number and section numbers.

  2. Sign and date your Permit.

  3. Turn in your completed Program Card and Permit (signed and dated) at 109 Bowman Hall (Registration and Records Office) on your registration date.

  4. Pick up your printed schedule in the lobby outside the Registration and Records Office, 109 Bowman Hall, on the same day you register.

  5. Add/Drop, as necessary, on the same day, to ensure the best choice of scheduling possibilities.

Note: Registration begins in the middle of the semester preceding the semester for which the student is registering (e.g., Fall, registration begins late March or early April -- Spring registration is in late October).

Note: This process does not apply for incoming students. Incoming students register in a group process run through the Advisement Assistance Center, 11 Bowman Hall.

What if I don't get a class I really need?

First try to add the class. Take an add/drop card and go to the professor teaching the class and ask for an overload in the class. Another option would be to attend the first day of class and ask the professor to add you to the class. Talk to your program director.

What do I need to know if I drop a class?

It is strongly suggested you not drop a course in the sequencing as it may delay graduation or affect your financial aid. If you must follow this procedure take a drop card to your instructor by the specified date for grade of WS or WU.

Can I take program courses at any time?

The following program courses are offered only once a year. Please check the guide sheet for recommended sequence and plan ahead carefully.

  • Offered Fall Semester
    FN-320 Advanced Nutrition
    CHEM-201 Organic Chemistry
    BIO-362 Advanced Physiology
    FN-413 Maternal Child Nutrition (online summer)
    FN-415 Nutritional Issues in Gerontology
    FN-417 Medical Nutritional Therapy I
  • Offered Spring Semester
    FN-418 Medical Nutritional Therapy II
    HT-450 Food Service Administration
    CHEM-311 Biochemistry

How do I become an Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics member?

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics's website has membership information. The program director can also provide application forms for membership.


For answers to questions not addressed here, contact the program director at the address, telephone, or e-mail address listed on the home page.