Welcome Letter

Dear Dietetic Student:

Welcome to UW-Stout. We are delighted that you are part of our dietetic program. Our undergraduate dietetics program is approximately four years, and can be accomplished in less time if summer, weekend, or online classes are taken. A graduate degree in nutrition is also an option that may be explored here at UW-Stout.

Our program is distinguished from other programs by offering a diverse, well-rounded education program with training opportunities. We also require a field experience which gives our students a competitive edge when looking for employment or applying for post-graduation RD internships. This experience in the field of dietetics will give you leverage within the dietetics  profession resulting in a more thorough education, better internship placement, and a wide choice of employment options.

The University of Wisconsin-Stout is granted an accreditation status. With successful completion of the program, students are eligible to apply for internships of their choice and if successful may take the Registration Examination to become a Registered Dietitian (RD).

The Stout Student Dietetics Association (SSDA) is our dietetics club here on campus. Getting involved with this group of students is a great way to network, meet other students in the program, and it will help build your resume. SSDA members participate in community events, social activities, networking opportunities, and leadership and professionalism development. For their contact information, refer to the contact information section.

Please read through the handbook materials describing the UW-Stout Dietetic program, or consult the thorough websites shown within this packet. If you have any further questions concerning the program, contact the dietetics program director at the location listed on the Contact Page.